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Sunday, June 24, 2007

my summer obsession: so you think you can dance

every summer i gear up for my favorite competition in the world called so you think you can dance. a surprisingly intense and tough weekly series in which young dancers work their darndest to try out diverse choreography from loads of amazing choreographers. many have scoffed my love for this show, but personally it's probably the one show out that focuses on true talent and the ability to expand on an artform. yes, i'm a dance geek. deal!

here are some highlights from the past two weeks:

week 1: lacey and kameron - mia michaels piece
[by far the best dance i've seen of the competition. lacey is just amazing!]

week 1: jessi and pasha - smooth waltz
[just beautiful. my other favorite couple from the group!]

week 2: lacey and kameron - broadway
[lacey is the breakout babe of the show. poor hot kameron seems lost in the mix]

week 2: sabra and dominic - contemporary
[beautiful. just beautiful!]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree with all x broadway. Love the show but it needs more Mia!

5:35 AM  

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